Philosophy of Happiness and Peace

Today morning when i woke up i felt like i am running behind money, prestige power. Then after giving a thought came to a conclusion that all those things which i am search ends up to a place where i am in search of happiness, peace. doesnt matter whether you are of any caste a hindu, muslim, christian, Sikh. You follow any caste but the main aim of your life would be happiness and peace only. You can explain these two words in any word of yours.

Then to know my answers i logged on to internet to look more about happiness and peace. search many websites but could’nt get a proper answer to all my queries. To my suprise i got to know about Shree Kripalu Maharaj, his Philosophy explained me each and everything. I kept on reading the content explained. The video lectures, the text explaination answered all my questions. Even though i found my other seaches like kripaluji maharaj scandal kripaluji maharaj fraud, Fraud guru Jagadguru Kripaluji False Fake Gurus Priests. But nowhere i found the base of these news.  I dont see anything wrong in this case. Have seen the world and seen many other fake guru’s. but here there is no sign of this kind. just go through the videos upload on or anyone will realise how true this Guru is.


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    Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj is a great gyani he is like A GYANESHWAR his vedic knoeledge i.e. vedant + BHAKTI is unique & marvelouse. I make the PRARAAM in his feet.
    JAUNPUR [U.P.] 22201
    MOBILE – 9415891570

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