Why Do We Commit Sin?

Sin is a universal human problem. It’s something we all do. But have you ever stopped to ask why? Why can’t we make a studied decision not to sin and then never again disobey God?

Though as i have mentioned earlier i dont believe in any explaination given by many of the saints and authors in india giving their thoughts. but unfortunatly when i was surfing net i got to find the teaching of an Indian saint according to which the birth / death or sin or virtue has been explained in detailed.

According to a saint Jagadguru Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj, the only 5th origional jagadguru our aim in life, three things are absolutely essential: human birth, guru and desire for divine love. Number one is human birth. Our ultimate aim is to attain bliss, i.e. God, and this aim cannot be realized in any other form of life. Only a human can attain his ultimate aim by employing the appropriate means and methods. But we have failed to realize our aim despite being blessed with the human body countless times. In fact, we did further damage to ourselves when we were born human. How did we incur further damage? Only humans attain the fruits of their actions. All other forms of life are ‘bhog yoni’, i.e. other creatures only taste the fruits of previous actions. In the human birth there is ‘karm’ as well as ‘bhog’, i.e. while we taste the fruits of previous actions, we also enjoy the right to perform further actions.

A human possesses greater knowledge than other creatures, and if this knowledge is not utilized properly, the individual will travel in the wrong direction with great speed. There are many sins – stealing, telling lies and hurting the feelings of another – and a human can commit these sins very effectively. Animals cannot. I ask you; can a dog commit theft? If a dog snatches something from you, he will do it in plain sight. A human, on the other hand, can steal money that is locked up safely in a bank locker. His knowledge is far greater. And to commit a sin one needs knowledge. Just as knowledge is necessary in the performance of good deeds, it is necessary to have knowledge if one wishes to commit immoral deeds. The more knowledge you have, the more capable you will be to commit sins. We have committed innumerable sins while being blessed with the human birth. This is how we spoiled our condition further.

I cannot explain much in deep …for more one can surf the website www.bhaktibliss.org


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