Satsangi friends of yours is looking for a job ?

Do you know someone, our Satsangi (Friends / Relative) who is looking for a new job?

You know many of our satsangi, they dont even have JOBS

I bet you wish you could help them, but maybe you think you can’t because you don’t know of any open positions that would fit them? or even if you know the position vacant but unable to pass on this message to the needy satsangi

Well, there are lots of ways to help our satsangis job seekers even if you can’t offer them their dream job.

Here are some tips you can use right now to help our Satsangis friends that may be in a job search:

Tip #1: Offer to give their resume to a key decision maker in your company
As long as your comfortable with it, why not pass along their resume? You never know when a position might come up or even be created to meet a need!

Tip #2: Invite them to join website network
The bigger a job seeker’s Satsangis Jobs network, the more chances they’ll have to find and connect with others! so you see, it doesn’t take much to quickly create a powerful network!

Tip #3: Post your Jobs on to help your Satsangis brothers and sisters

Tip #4: Invite them out
Do you know many of them who are in search of jobs but unable to help them personally, you can refer   Jobs through emails. Just pass on this message / email to your Satsangi Friends / Relative
Job seekers benefit from the opportunity to make new contacts and connections, PLUS it’s good for them to get involved!

Tip #5: Be positive
Job seekers need positive support and to keep focused on opportunities rather than bad economic conditions and negative news. This is one of the most powerful ways you can support a SATSANGI…with your positive attitude!

Free Service to our Satsangi …. Help this initiative and Help our Satsangi’s get a JOB

So, do you have additional ways that you have been supporting and assisting Satsangis ?
Please share your helpful ideas

Please do contact us for any queries at
1) If you have Job for other satsangi, Post your jobs requirement /  email us
2) If you are in Search for a Job, Post your resume / email us

Website :
Email   :
or post in comment box below


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