How can we satisfy the soul?

Jesus Christ said, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.” The more wealth one possesses, the further he goes away from God, and true happiness. It would be fine if his wealth would make him a happy man. But, this does not happen. It cannot happen. Material wealth and objects are for the body, but what about the soul? How can we satisfy the soul? The soul’s nourishment is devotion to God, the true wealth.

It is worth noting that even the topmost materialist has not found happiness in the material world. The truth is that wealth can purchase temporary joys, but not everlasting happiness. Money can buy medicine, but not health. It can purchase security in the form of an alarm system and guard dogs, but not fearlessness.

While the topmost materialist is still trying to catch the elusive butterfly called happiness, even the beginner on the spiritual path starts seeing wonderful changes within. He feels a sense of peace and contentment, and the more involved he gets with practicing a spiritual discipline, the more joyful and radiant he becomes. His happiness is a result of his newly found treasures: faith in God, love for God, knowledge of God and shelter of a Guru.

Kabir Das ji says: kabirā sab jag nirdhanādhanvantānahiṁkoya dhanvantāsoijāniyejāhipremdhanhoya

The good news is that following the spiritual path does not demand that you renounce home and family. It simply means taking some steps and precautions:

First of all, spend some quiet time with God every day, even if is it just one hour out of twenty four. During this time, do not pray for better health, more wealth, better job, success in your business, to get a better grade, a more understanding spouse, or more obedient children. Pray that you may accept everything in life as a sign of God’s Grace. Moreover, your prayer should not be motivated by fear of hell or greed for heaven, but by pure selfless love for the Divine Beloved.

Secondly, make it a routine to visit a place of worship on a Sunday, and take your children also. Drag them if you have to. When you go there, do not socialize and do not leave your children unattended to run around and play. Teach them at a young age. This is the biggest favour you will be doing to them. Do not be concerned whether or not your best friend or neighbours are there. One who wants to reach the destination does not look for company on the way. Do not look at what so-and-so is wearing or how so-and-so is behaving. Pray sincerely when you visit a place of worship. Your worship should come from the heart.

Thirdly, always have good association. Seek the company of those who will help and inspire you on the spiritual path. Tulsidasji had instructed Meera to renounce the company of even loved ones if they obstruct the path leading to God.

Fourthly, do not read garbage. Do not watch garbage on television. After all, you would not put garbage in your mouth. Why would you put it in your mind?

Next, donate at the very least 10% of your earnings. Every religion instructs its followers to give 10% of their earnings to God. The reason is so that you should not become overly attached to the material world.And lastly, be committed on your path. Do not allow others to contaminate you.

The choice is yours to make. You can either take the material path downward to destruction or the spiritual path upward to perfection. May you choose wisely.

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