Why donate?

I spend much of my time directly helping people by creating blog posts, web pages, articles and Ebooks all with the primary intention of serving people like you.

I have had so many encouraging responses to my web site and would like to be able to continue developing free resources to help you grow in God.

If you would like to support me in my mission to make Godly resources freely available to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to benefit from them, please make a contribution.

Your reward is knowing that you have helped people to grow in God and become who He intended them to be.

Just spread word about this blog , Spreading a word about this blog would be a Donation for me 🙂

If you give a backlink in any of your website, just let me know
Ping me on :

Thank you for your support and encouragement!


If you wish to Donate to JKP organization

Please visit : and donate

  1. Great work, Shrmat Sat Guru Sarkar ki Jai

  2. Shrimad SadGuru Sarkaar ki Jai ….

  3. How do I donate? Who can I contact?

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