Pracharak / Preacher

  1. Radhey Radhey, very goodnes Sushree Braj Parikari Devi ji. All Pracharak, all the best….

  2. Fantastic team of Divinity.

  3. Radhey Radhey,


  5. Ramesh Chandra Nayak

    i love Maharajji and hence his children. They are the messengers of Maharajji’s philosophy. Hence i pay my hearty respect to all for their devotion and seva to Maharajji who is the incarnation of selfless Bhakti.

  6. we really don’t know who r these personalities r,for ,Dhameswari didi, maharaji says no one can ever understand who is Dhameshwari is even she dont knw her stage is so high we can’t imagine…..Tarun Patel

  7. Radhey Radhey
    All the pracharak’s of Shree Maharaj ji are great as they all are in full % of sewa to the lord as by body mind and soul, thus I bow down to all.

  8. jai raja raghuvirji raja ramachandra ji, i paid my tribute to thepujya didi vishveshwari deviji. she is a real and fair preates ofthe lord rama.

  9. RADHE RADHE to Preachers of Jagadguru shree Kripalu ji Maharaj!! Heartly thanks to Swami Haridas ji for I was indroduced in JKP!!!

  10. arpan koirala/vedavyas

    jay sad gurudev.radhe..radhe..meri pyari shaktishwari didi ji…….


    RADHEY RADHEY to all preachers of my beloved, who is serving for Him!

  12. Vidhynanad vyas

    हमारो धन राध राध

  13. Radhey Radhey miss u alot so much pyari
    shreeshwari didi……

  14. Guru charno me sat-sat Naman…
    “Sita-Ram Manohar Jori, kabahun to lakhi h hamri ori”
    Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Shyam.

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