Chakori Devi ji

Braj Chakori Devi ji

  1. Sri Nihar Ranjan Acharya

    I love and respect Didiji from the deep core of heart.
    Sri Nihar Ranjan Acharya
    Founder and Director, TRUST

  2. Didiji, is simply the best, as far as my knowledge on Vedic Philosophy is concerned. Her presentation, her style of narrating Shri Maharaji’s Prem Ras Madi is outstanding….superb.
    Sri Nihar Ranjan Acharya, Founder and Director, TRUST
    Youtube: TRUST, Jai Vigyan, Jai Insaan

  3. Please send me vedio or mp3 of bhajan “Nandnanda Shukanda Vrindavan kanda, Aandkanda Soi Radhey Govinda”

  4. Radhe Radhe
    Kindly let me know …from where i can get your spiritual speech’s CD or DVD ?
    Radhe Radhe

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