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Everyone’s inner conscience, at some point of time, is beset by timeless questions like, “What is the aim of my life?” and “How can I attain it?” These cardinal questions assail every thoughtful person without any distinction of caste, creed, color or nationality. The answer of these queries is the sole gateway to the world of boundless bliss or perfect happiness.

It is true that our eternal scriptures unfold the mystery of the absolute and infinite happiness. But to comprehend the real essence of scriptures is impossible for an ordinary mortal, who has mere worldly intelligence. Only a God-realized saint who is graced by the divine wisdom can reveal the truth of spiritual mysteries and can clarify the shortest and simplest path to God-realization.

We are undoubtedly fortunate that to help the deserving souls, the divine power in its full magnificence, has descended on this earth planet. He is the supreme acharya of this age, the fifth original Jagadguru of world’s spiritual history- Jagadguru Swami Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj (lovingly called Shree Maharaj Ji by His devotees.) He is the embodiment of Divine Love and Grace. He is the Param Guru Tattwa (Kripa Shakti of Radha Rani.). Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji is one of the foremost preachers of this divine personality. Blessed by the limitless grace of Shree Maharaj Ji, Poojniya Devi Ji is the personification of spiritual humbleness, sweetness and dedication and devotion at the lotus feet of the Divine.

Devi Ji was born on 12 January, 1968 in Bhilai. By what can be described only as Divine Providence, Shree Maharaj Ji had organized a public speech program in that city, a few days after Devi Ji’s birth. Shree Maharaj Ji’s extraordinary scriptural knowledge and loving divine personality made Devi Ji’s family firm devotees of Shree Maharaj Ji. When she was only of twenty days, at the time of the family’s first meeting with him, Shree Maharaj Ji lifted her from her mother’s lap and said, “Don’t think that this child is yours. She is mine and has been born to spread my message. She shall spread the divine love of Radha Krishn in all corners of the globe. Your work is to educate her and make highly qualified.”

maa_b Thus, Devi Ji grew up under the constant guidance of Her Gurudev. In 1987, Devi Ji completed her M.A. in English and right after that, she was ordered by Shree Maharaj Ji to start studying the scriptures at Mangarh, our Gurudham. By the infinite grace of Shree Maharaj Ji, in a short span of only six months, Devi Ji acquired knowledge of all the Holy Scriptures. On 15 October 1988, Shree Maharaj Ji conferred on her the sacred robes of the preacher. Since that time she has been tirelessly spreading the message of God’s Love in all parts of the country and abroad.

maa_4 Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji is an exceptional preacher with a remarkable ability to present her understanding and experience of devotion in a thought provoking and lucid manner. Her speech guides aspirants and motivates them with much to think about, understand and thus come to a truthful decision. By the infinite Grace of her Spiritual Master Swami Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj , Devi Ji points out the unique, simplest and shortest path to God’s realization in a sweet style of presentation; this she does in a manner that is interesting for an ordinary villager as well as to a great scholar of Vedas. She delights one and all when she sings the beautiful verses from our eternal scriptures, Upanishads, Puranas, and other devotional and divine writings. It can be said with surety all quest of true knowledge and divine wisdom are satisfied after one attentively listens her illuminating speeches. Devotional songs sung by Devi Ji let the hearts feel deep longing of Divine Love and real affinity to Lord Krishn.

VIDEODevi Ji is an excellent mentor. People find themselves fortunate to proceed forward to the unknown world of Divine Love in her affable and pleasing guidance. She is a mother, a friend, a teacher, a guide and much more. One feels easy, protected and tranquil in being in her company. To the youth she is dynamic, loving to children, pleasing to seniors and blissful to all seekers. She carries out the same divine mission of introducing the glory and love of The Supreme Godhead Radha Krishn to the people of world and follow the footstep of Shree Maharaj ji. She helps eager seekers to experience the bliss of true devotion. Her graciousness, generosity and simplicity attract every sincere devotee and thus she is lovingly called Maa.


  1. prafulla kumar mohanty, bhubaneswar

    i knew her first from prarthana channel giving precept on attainment of god. the manner of her presentation is so simple that any layman can easily understand what she explained. i was very much impressed on the very first day of listening to her speech. since then i have been regularly hearing her discourse on god, man and the world and getting enlightened. —- prafulla kumar

  2. Radhe Radhe… sir I want to Raseswari devi prawachan casets of durgapur program …plz .

  3. i found solace in deviji’s bhajans . radhe radhe.how to get program schedule of deviji’s prawachans.kindly get me her contact no.,if any .

  4. Gurudev ka asheervad mile, phir Kuch aur mile na mile.
    Radhe Radhe …

  5. Radhe radhe


    Radha Radha , Maa ka pravachan programs​ vajo

  7. Radhe radhe didi Raseswariji is blessed and graced by shri maharaji. There is special blessings and love pours out of her cells which vibrate and touch our hearts. I love listening to her and enjoy her powerful lectures and enchanting kirtans.
    Living in usa dont know if we can get opportunitiy to meet her .i hope she makes a trip to usa florida one day.

  8. Radhe Radhe Devi ji

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