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Ji Living – yoga philosophy beyond the mat – is the practice of Swami

Swami Govindananda

Swami Govindananda

Govindananda, known affectionately as Swami Ji. Swami Ji’s commitment is to sharing the knowledge, wisdom and happiness that the experience of a yoga life can bring.

The term ‘yoga’ comes from a Sanskrit word meaning union. The goal of yoga meditation therefore, is to help people connect their individual self and the divine. The word ‘Ji,’ in Sanskrit, denotes respect, honour and acknowledgment of one’s spiritual self – as well as for the spiritual nature of others. ‘Living’ refers to adopting the values of ‘Ji’ and putting them into daily practice.

The focus of Ji Living is to provide teaching and guidance so that anyone (regardless of their background) can have access to the profound benefits of spiritual meditation and yoga life, and can implement these into their every day lives.

What are Ji Living’s teachings?

Ji Living draws from some of the most profound spiritual texts known to humankind – the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Bhagawatam, the Mahabharat, the Ramayan and other great writings that form the foundation of Indian wisdom.

Specifically, the teachings are based on a series of talks that Swami Ji’s Spiritual Master gave a number of years ago in India. In this one series he delivered the entire philosophy concerning the mysteries of the self and of the world in which we live, touching upon and answering just about every question you have ever had about the meaning and importance of human life. Of this series his Guru once said, “I have taken a pitcher, filled it with the essence of all scriptural writings, and poured this nectar into your heart!”

Why should I learn yoga that is ‘philosophy beyond the mat’?

The need to exercise the body is beyond doubt. Equally important however, is the need to understand the spiritual significance of life so that we can navigate our way through it with confidence, wisdom and boundless joy. This is what ‘yoga philosophy beyond the mat’ is all about. What yoga benefits does Ji Living offer me? One of the great spiritual sayings that we often hear is ‘It is not what happens in your life, but how you respond to it that matters’. And how you respond depends entirely on what you understand about yourself and of the world around you. Helping you deepen this understanding is the real value of yoga life with Ji Living. As yoga life becomes integrated with your every day life you will notice benefits in all aspects, including sense of self, life purpose, relationship with others and connection to the world.

Source: http://ji-living.com/


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