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“The fact, that every jeeva (embodied soul) in this world is inherently disposed to hanker after bliss, calls for no second opinion. All his efforts are always aimed at achieving everlasting bliss but all he gets in the bargain is a little bit of short-lived pleasure sometimes. So, what should he do? Should he continue to tread the materialistic course of amassing money and creature-comforts? Or make a detour towards spiritualism? Undermining materialism is not at all intended here because our physical bodies are made up of material elements. Therefore the material world is rather necessary to keep our physical-selves going. Actually, there is no real opposition between materialism and spiritualism as some may tend to think. On the other hand, materialism for the upkeep of the body and spiritualism for the soul is the real mantra.”


These salutary words, gleaned from the discourses of Swami Shri Yugal Sharanji, not only ring true but also carry a complete conviction of the spiritual philosophy of Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj. Swamiji has imbibed all that Shri Kripaluji Maharaj teaches and is tirelessly busy spreading the message all across the country and also abroad. It is needless to state that Swami Shri Yugal Sharanji is yet another prominent preacher of Shri Maharajji and delivers his discourses in Hindi, English, and Bengali with equal case and facility.

      Shri Maharajji and Swamiji

Wheresoever Swamiji goes, he carries about him the spiritual sunshine of Shri Maharajji and showers it on the people without discrimination or reservation of any kind. People are naturally drawn to him for they find him wishing and working for their spiritual welfare.

Swami Shri Yugal Sharanji was born on 26th February, 1963 in the Puri district of Orissa in a devout Vaishnav family. As a student he won many a merit scholarship and upon the completion of studies, joined the Government of India as a Class I Senior Scientist.

In spite of a high office in the Central government and a fairly comfortable home-life, he felt that something vital was missing in his life which vexed his spirit more often than not. It was as if he was inwardly searching for a spiritual prop. All he had got hold of was not the be all and end all of life. There had to be a different tenor; different from the physical and different from the mundane. This state of discontent persisted till he came upon Shri Maharajji’s teachings in 1994 and lo, there lay the solution to his problems and puzzlement.

Consequently, he lost no time in taking a trip to Vrindavan and seeking Shri Maharajji’s Darshan in person. He was virtually swept off his feet when Shri Maharajji treated him propitiously like an old acquaintance and asked, “Where were you all these days? I have all along been awaiting your visit” – to the striking amazement of Swamiji. But his being the case of ‘Faith at first sight,’ he resigned his government job and started preparing for the life of a renunciate preacher under the guidance of Shri Maharajji.

On the fateful 17 October 2000, Shri Maharajji conferred upon him the holy robes of a qualified preacher and named him ‘Swami Yugal Sharan’. Ever since he is actively engaged in the bounteous service of Shri Maharajji’s noble mission.


Source : http://brajgopikasevamission.org

  1. radhe radhe kya bhilwara me khi shri mhraaj ji ka satsang hota hai agar hota hai to pls address send me

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