Vishweshwari Devi ji

  Vishweshwari Devi ji , Pracharak in Bangalore

  1. Thanks lot for your spiritual speech, which is synchoronized way to get right way of BAKTHI/MUKTHI(thro you/your team).

  2. Value of Human Birth explained in your spiritual speech, and motivated to pray PARAMAHATHMA (every fraction of second) to reach BAKTHI and get our AATHMA from recycling/end of rebirth.


  4. dear didi ji, i am very thakful to you. i do not know the value of human birth.its your great grace now , i know the value of human form. my dear didi ji, its your bliss today i know my real parents are only guru and radha krishna. you are my first guru i salute you. i need always your bliss. your student rajinder bhat (raju) from jammu radhe radhe

  5. Shyamanand Choudhary

    Today I heard Ram Katha by Param Pujya Vishweshwari Devi Ji on Sanskar and got impressed too much. I would like to know that how can I arrange a Ram katha in Muzaffarpur, Bihar ? Kindly reply. Thanks.

  6. pujya didi ji thanks for your spritual speeches on MANAS PATH AT Jhanshi i had seen all days your live programe, i want to call at my native place for ram katha. jai siyaramji, jai didiji.

  7. Where is Sushree Braj Parikari didi now?
    I heard her 25 years ago and very memorable lectures.

  8. Her discourse on Sri Ram Katha is very educative and impressive. She has the skill to put things together. May God bless her with long life to spread her pios message.

  9. i am very fortunate to hear the moral of all vedas. Short of words to thank you Didi Ji.

  10. rajan sharma

    namasta didi ji i like your amritwani satsang

  11. Radhe Radhe vishweshwari ji,
    i wanted to know when is satsang being conducted in Bangalore.

  12. Wish to hear of you

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